Award-winning guitarist Bill Monama returns to restore hope and heal souls through his instrument of choice



Published Feb 25, 2024


Award-winning guitarist, composer and author Billy Monama in has partnered with the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA) to give music lovers a time of their music lives as part of the third instalment of the “Back To The Future” concert set for the Joburg Theatre this Saturday.

Monama looks set to enthral audiences as he picks his singing guitar with a night of music that promises to be a compelling musical journey that reflects his personal and 27 years of artistic evolution while offering a message of optimism, renewal for the future and a poignant reflection on Human Rights month and the nation’s 30th democracy.

The music maestro says this concert serves also as an autobiographical exploration of his career as as musician.

“The ‘Back To The Future’ concert is not just a musical performance; it is an autobiographical exploration of a remarkable career, offering all type of audience a unique opportunity to witness a diverse range of musical experience in eight configurations presented in two parts.

“The concert, in (its) first part, will present: Genesis, Black Consciousness, Tribute to the Masters, Intercession, The Love Corner. In the second part: Afrocentric Corner, Revelations, and Tribute to South African Women,” he says.


Over and above this, he reveals that the concert also serves to revive hope and heal souls.

“As a significant cultural event, ‘Back To The Future’ is designed to restore hope, heal spirits, and reconnect people with their heritage. It serves as the perfect opportunity to prepare the spiritual well-being of society for the upcoming year, setting the tone for a year of positivity and inspiration,” he quips.

In an effort to create a truly unforgettable experience, Monama has invited guest artist, award-winning songwriter, Brenda Mntambo, to add an extra layer of depth and artistry to the concert on paying a homage to the stalwart women of South Africa: Letta Mbulu, Miriam Makeba and Busi Mhlongo.

He says those coming to the concert can expect a sizzling 120-minutes’ worth of show-stopping cultural experience.

“The audience can look forward to an exciting and memorable two-hour show in two parts. I will take the audience on a journey through the past and the future. I often wonder what the future holds and who will preserve our culture and heritage.

“If we don’t make things right now, the future won’t be bright. I am excited to work with Brenda Mtambo to celebrate legendary South African women like Miriam Makeba, Busi Mhlongo, and Letta Mbulu, while reflecting on human rights. This idea reflects my own life story, giving the audience a look at my journey from playing guitar in 1997 to creating new songs for my upcoming album,” he told The Star.