Diamond Circle widens circle of financial independence with Durban Masterclass

Published Jan 11, 2024


The founders of Diamond Circle are preparing for their first business and sales seminar. It is set to take place at the Durban Provincial Sadtu Offices at 321 Lembede Street on Saturday, January 20.

Premised over two offerings, which includes a networking and health product-driven investment opportunity, Diamond Circle’s business opportunity acts as a vehicle to ensure financial independence for its members.

The Durban event comes after similar ones were hosted in Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Lesego Sennelo, who has vast experience in the financial sector, having been the founder and managing director of Gosele Advisory Services and co-founder of Diamond Circle, said it was important for South Africans to find new ways of generating an income.

Sennelo said that was why she and her partners had developed offerings that aimed to equip members with practical business and sales skills to kick-start their journey to becoming financially stable.

Sennelo said the seminar would deliver that and more to those who wanted to achieve financial freedom in the new year.

“We have decided to embark on a sales-focused seminar in a structured manner that brings together sales professionals, business leaders who will impart their knowledge with those who want to realise the opportunities, managers or even individuals interested in enhancing their selling abilities.

“This masterclass offers people a platform to hear and learn from captains of industry, as well as associates who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences with the participants.“

She said that as a society struggling to create jobs for its citizens, South Africa had endless opportunities for its citizens to find financial freedom through sales and networking opportunities presented by Diamond Circle and its myriad health products and sales-driven investment model. There was an opportunity for all employed people to earn a secondary income and for unemployed people to earn a primary income.

“As a society with a majority of citizens who are marginalised and unemployed, it is important to realise that sales/business development is the number one driver of any business. Our masterclasses will help those seeking to improve their sales skills and find alternative ways of securing financial independence.

“Through our business model at Diamond Circle, we are able to provide South Africans with such opportunities where people can earn while they learn and embark on their journey to financial independence,” Sennelo said.