President Cyril Ramaphosa joins Tyla’s ‘Water’ dance challenge after her Grammy victory

Tyla. Picture: Social Media

Tyla. Picture: Social Media

Published Feb 7, 2024


As the country continues to celebrate Tyla Seethal’s outstanding Grammy achievement, President Cyril Ramaphosa has shared his congratulatory message and also joined the “Water” dance challenge.

Ramaphosa attended the Presidential Youth Engagement on Tuesday, held at the Belhar Sports Complex -- prior to his State of the Nation Address on Thursday -- where he excitedly did the global challenge.

“My spirit was raised so much today as I spent time engaging with young people -- including a video call with Tyla, our Grammy-winning performer and songwriter who celebrated her 22nd birthday less than a week ago.

“I shared with her my pride and that of the nation at her achievement of the Grammy for Best African Music Performance. Well done again, Tyla.

“I was equally excited to be part of a pre-State of the Nation Address gathering of young people at Belhar, Cape Town, where we reflected on and celebrated the impact of the Presidential Youth Employment intervention which has opened doors for hundreds of thousands of young people during the three years of the programme.”

Ramaphosa said he has taken note of the progress made and pointed out that more investment is needed to be done to invest in the nation’s youth.

“One of the questions put to me concerned government support for the creative industries in our country.

“From our music and theatre stages to film sets, bookstores, art studios and galleries and heritage centres, the creations of South Africans inspire us to ensure that our Mzansi Golden Economy benefits creative South Africans and our broader economy.”

Last year, Seethal was named among the 100 most influential Africans by “New African” magazine.

The 100 Most Influential Africans of 2023 is a special edition of “New African” magazine, which offers a comprehensive and insightful overview of the lives and achievements of the selected individuals.

The magazine also provides a platform for readers to learn from their stories, and to be inspired by their examples.

The list features a broad and impressive group of men and women who have demonstrated excellence, creativity, leadership, tenacity, and vision in their respective industries.

Politicians, businesspeople, industrialists, environmentalists, artists, scientists, educators, and athletes are among those featured.

The list also reflects changing trends and priorities in Africa, as the continent faces new challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

Creatives dominate the rankings, with 31 representatives including singer Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd, director Alice Diop, and writer Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah.

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