South Africa’s love language? Food, says e-hailing service Valentine’s Day data

A look into what South Africans ordered most in 2023 on Uber Eats. Picture: Supplied

A look into what South Africans ordered most in 2023 on Uber Eats. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 15, 2024


With food known as a vibrant tapestry woven into the fabric of South Africa’s culture and identity, Uber Eats, South Africa’s e-hailing service, reveals interesting insights into how South Africans ordered food on Valentine’s Day.

According to data from the e-hailing food service on popular Valentine’s Day orders from last year, South Africans are elevating their love of romantic dinners and heartfelt gestures with favourite items such as chocolates and ice cream from well-loved brands and decadent cake slices.

It is noted that one of the most significant benefits of ordering out for Valentine’s Day deliveries is the sheer number of culinary selections accessible.

From renowned franchises to local favourites, the site has a varied selection of eateries serving anything from comfort food classics to exotic international cuisine.

Couples are able to design their Valentine’s Day meal based on their preferences and dietary requirements, delivering a memorable dining experience tailored to their interests.

While food is often the star of the show on an enchanting Valentine’s Day, another vital element of the day is the giving of thoughtful gifts.

More data shows that more than half of the Valentine’s Day packages sent via Uber Eats in 2023 were sent between 10am and 4pm and just over a quarter were sent between commute hours (5am and 5–7pm).

This month of love, the e-hailing service continues to offer a convenient, creative, hassle-free way to ensure a memorable and intimate day.

Many can embrace the modern age of romance and indulge in a delectable feast delivered to their fingertips. After all, the way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach.

More than that, the e-hailing service gives small, independent restaurants a platform to reach a wider audience at a time when encouraging local businesses has never been more important.

South Africans can make a positive impact on their communities while enjoying delicious food made with love and care by choosing to order from local eateries on Valentine’s Day.

This is especially true on Valentine’s Day, a day set aside to honour romantic relationships.

While many choose to spend the day of love in public settings such as beautiful restaurants and lavish parties, it is revealed that many South Africans choose to celebrate the day of love in the comfort of their own homes as a way to make the celebration more private, personal, and meaningful.

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