#HeritageMonth: 5 South African walking safaris you need to experience

A walking safari. Picture: SA Venues

A walking safari. Picture: SA Venues

Published Sep 5, 2018


Walking safaris are a cool way for visitors to view wildlife and the biodiversity that South Africa has to offer, especially when you feel calmer knowing that the loud sound of your car’s engine won’t scare the animals off. 

Walking safaris are also a unique way for travellers to learn more about the area that they are exploring, and what kind of animals use that area for habitation. 

Plus, nothing would beat the experience of viewing an animal from the big 5 up close, provided the wild cats have already had their meals.

Here are a few places around South Africa that offer walking safaris


Africa on Foot

Africa on Foot walking trail at Klaserie Game Reserve. Picture: Africa on Foot

The pristine private Kruger reserve in Mpumalanga offers sunrise Big Five walking safaris around the reserve, guided by a game ranger. 

Visitors are given the chance to spot and watch wildlife in their daily activities with the sunrise as a background. The walking safaris are available through reservation with Africa on Foot.

Shamwari Game Reserve

An exploring walking trail at Shamwari. Picture: Shamwari Game Reserve

The Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape offers daily walking safaris along with its luxurious accommodation. 

The game reserve gives people the opportunity to spot the big 5 group including the leopard, wild dogs and lions that roam around. 

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

A walking trail at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Picture: Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Guided by a game ranger, discover the beauty of the Western Cape's indigenous fauna and flora, revealing the beauty of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Challenge yourself to their various trails and discover secluded rock pools, the majestic Big 5 and small 5 that will give you a rush of excitement. Getting up close and personal with the wildlife is a rush of excitement and a definite addition to your list of South African activities.

Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge

A game drive in Mohlabetsi. Picture: Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge

Found inside the Bahlule Game Reserve in Greater Kruger Park, game rangers facilitate the trails inside Mohlabetsi by quietly stalking behind a herd of grazing animals or predators, identifying their tracks, dung and their calls. All of this is done at a comfortable pace.

Marataba Trails Camp 

The outside living area of Marataba Safari Lodge. Picture: Dooks

For the more adventurous souls wanting a full day adventure out in the bush, Marataba Trails is the ideal camp for travellers. However, there is a reasonable level of fitness that is required. 

Located within the Marakele National Park, Marataba is just 3.5 hours drive from Johannesburg in a Malaria-free zone, so the only thing travellers would need to worry about is whether their footsteps will alert the wildlife. 


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