WATCH: Tourist loses her marbles at Capetonians having braai

‘Karen’ was not having it when she saw neighbours having a braai. Picture: Pexels

‘Karen’ was not having it when she saw neighbours having a braai. Picture: Pexels

Published Dec 6, 2022


Now we know it may not be ‘normal’ from where she is from, but we don’t do BBQ’s over here, we have braais, and it is actually a tradition in South Africa.

It’s what brings people together.

‘Stiek uit by die braai,’ as the saying goes. ‘Karen’ didn’t get the memo.

My throat hurts just by listening to her. The woman seems to point at the fire and asks: "what is that?"

As they try to explain, she loses her sh*t even more, "I don’t care, go to f**cking McDonalds.’’ Sorry ma’am, but we enjoy real meat, there is no comparison.

‘’Are you guys nuts!’’ she continues yelling. And of course, she threatened to call the police, which would get her nowhere because nothing illegal is happening.

‘’That is ridiculous people, get real!’’ she says before storming off in a car. Mayhaps it’s time for people to do research on what’s acceptable in our country before visiting?

Either she woke up on the wrong side of the bed or she is just a nut case.

@onlywithstephen Someone call the US embassy🥴 #karen ♬ original sound - STEVE

As per usual, the comments had no business making a joke out of it. One user wrote: ''SA police ain't US Police. I can just imagine her going on a tirade and the Police saying...... And then.’’

Another wrote: ‘’the mere sound of her screeching would’ve made me move out😭😭 we don’t communicate that way in this country lovey😭’’

With another user saying, ‘’Yhoo how is she going to cope in December 😂😳😂 My drunk uncle braais until 2am and then at 3am like clockwork starts playing Judy Boucher songs 😂’’

I would simply have quoted the famous line, ‘’We are here for a good time, not a long time.’’

She would wake up an entire neighbourhood with her screeching, I can’t imagine the fire being the worst part. I hope she apologises, she was out of line.

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