Seth Rogan. Picture: Instagram
Seth Rogan. Picture: Instagram

Cannabis is blazing up a lot of smoke in Hollywood

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Oct 16, 2021

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When Snoop Dogg was in Durban for his performance at the MTV Africa All Stars concert in 2013, everyone was speaking about one thing – the sales of cannabis in Durban.

We sniggered t at the press conference when a journalist asked him about the quality of Durban’s weed and if he had tried it yet.

He laughed, clearly already high. That was the answer we all needed.

So it is not a surprise that the rapper is one of the celebrities who has quickly taken to getting into the cannabis business.

Snoop getting into the cannabis business is already aligned to his brand.

An early adopter, he is dabbling in a number of cannabis centred businesses, from Leads by Snoop in 2015, which he found in the state of Colorado.

He has a media company called Merry Jane and founded Case Verde, an investment fund, which has been successful and is now worth more than $200 million (about R2.94 billion). He invests in cannabinoid start-ups and companies that develop cannabis products for medicinal purposes.

Over the years, celebrities have moved from being the spokespersons and ambassadors of brands, choosing now to either develop or acquire existing brands and become owners.

From make-up and skincare to perfume, alcohol and now cannabis, celebrities are frequently wearing their business hats in order to create wealth and longevity for themselves.

Cannabis has become the ultimate side hustle for a number of A-listers.

Here are the celebrities who have recently joined Snoop in the cannabis business.


Justin Bieber loves his song “Peaches” so much he has decided to name his cannabis business after the hit song.

And he has made sure it will be a hit (pun not intended) with the Insta crowd, with branding that has palm trees and pastel colours.

The single strain indoor flower pre-rolls are available in cannabis strains like Indica and Sativa.

He has collaborated with Palms, a pre-roll brand that has been in the cannabis business for a few years. The brand comes in a limited-edition pack of seven pre-rolled joints.


Producer Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z attends the Opening Night Gala for ’The Harder They Fall’ during the 65th BFI London Film Festival at The Royal Festival Hall on October 6, 2021 in London, England. Picture: Dave Benett

Champagne and Cognac was not enough for Jay-Z. He also needed to get into the cannabis business.

As he raps on the remix of Kanye West’s Diamonds from Sierra Leone, he is not a businessman; but a business, man! And that’s what we have with Monogram, his cannabis business.

He believes that getting the weed right from the very beginning will result in a quality product.

Hence, his cannabis is: “Grown right”, from “soil to seed”. There are five strains, Nº01, Nº03, Nº70, Nº88 and Nº96, coming in different flavours and strengths.

Monogram works with highly trained experts who will advise patrons about the brand’s flavour profiles to suit your desired high.

The brand was launched in 2019 and is a true luxury brand of cannabis.


Hand-picked, hand-trimmed and “strong”.

That’s how Seth Rogan describes his cannabis line, Houseplant. Founded in 2019 with his friend and writer Evan Goldberg, Houseplant is a luxury cannabis product using the Sativa and Indica strains.

Each strain is hand-picked, and they have hired experts to make sure that the quality is great while also growing the cannabis in a sustainable way.

To improve on the experience, they recently launched ceramic and glass bongs made by Rogan, who is a pottery fanatic.

He told Vogue: “It deserves to be on your shelf, on your mantle, or on your coffee table. In a world where I'm looking at a decanter of whiskey and my martini shaker, it's commonplace to have that displayed in your home.

Why shouldn't your ashtrays and your lighters be put on the same kind of plane?”


GKUA Ultra Premium products are high-potency and what Lil Wayne wants is for his consumers to have the best high of their lives when using his product.

Launched in 2019 in California, with expansions to Colorado and Michigan, Lil Wayne’s weed line is all about having a good time getting high.

The products are used in private VIP parties and also comes with a variety of cannabis related products, including pre-rolls and vape.

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